Smart Office Silver

What are your needs?

We have chosen the package for you Silver:

Recommended for 5 users with the ability to scale performance and resources.

Select the license you want for your virtual server:

chf 0

Do you want a VPN connection?

VPN Gateway chf 0

VPN Client chf 0


Increase the number of virtual server cores (vCPU)

Including chf license 0

Increase your memory

Add GB - chf 0

Increase the size
of the disc

Add GB - chf 0

Add more virtual disks
to the server

Size in GB - chf 0

You want a backup
of the virtual server?

RDS licenses
CALs for each Remote Desktop Services user

Add Licenses CHF 0

3D acceleration
Graphics acceleration technology suitable for applications involving intensive use of graphics

chf 0

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