Smart Office

Obsolescence, constant updates, unreliability. In a word: hardware.

With Vertigo you can forget about all this, and finally have a virtual environment to manage your data and programs, wherever you are.

Say goodbye to hardware forever, it will be even better.


How does it work?


We put at your disposal functional and easy to use tools, to get the most out of your business. With scalable performance and resources and with access possible anywhere from any device, tablet, smartphone or thin client.

Which benefits
for your business?

Reduction of contracts related to IT infrastructure thanks to a single supplier: us
Drastic reduction of downtime due to hardware and software anomalies (business continuity is guaranteed at 99.996%!)
Resource scalability for pilot projects, exceptional workloads or simply for structural growth with the introduction of new collaborators
Disposal of servers and computers in favor of tablets, laptops, thin clients, smartphones

You can finally say goodbye to expensive hardware support contracts

Check it out for yourself, discover our houses!

Smart office for Smart business

Transform your office into a digital smart office GDPR compliant. Our Smart Office solution comprehends Own Cloud File Sharing to share your documents in total security, manage access permissions and access even from smartphones and tablets.

Not only. A flexible and digital work environment allows you to:

  • Work on the go
  • Reduce IT infrastructure management costs
  • Increase productivity with collaboration tools

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